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Help with Country Selection

When you start to fill a basket, the website decides which country you are in, for the purposes of delivery and invoicing.  If the website makes an incorrect choice of country and you need to change it,  please bear in mind the following points:

1.  Take care to select the country correctly. Selection of the Delivery and Invoice country controls the carriage and packing charges applied by the website to your basket. It also controls the tax status of your order.

2.  If your Delivery Address ('Ship to') and Invoice Address ('Bill to') are the same, first select the country for Delivery, then click the button marked 'As Deliver/Ship.....' to make the Invoice country the same.

3.  If you wish us to deliver the goods to a destination in one country (for example, where your boat or factory is) and to send invoices to an address in another country (for example, where your home or main administration address is), select different countries for Delivery and Invoice.