BV1-WH HepVO Waste Valve - 32mm

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HepVO Waste Valve - 32mm

  • Connections: - 32mm Universal Compression Joint for use with pipe conforming to BS5254, BS5255, BS2871 or BS659
  • Dimensions: approx. 208mm long, 80mm diameter
  • Hygienic self sealing waste valve
  • Conforms to BS3943: Specification for plastic waste traps
  • Ideal for mobil applications where traditional traps often fail
  • Less prone to blockage than traditional water seal traps
  • Valve does not hold water which can freeze or become stagnant and smelly
  • Operates silently, does not gurgle.
  • WIMLAS Certified for single stack drainage systems, Certificate no. 042/97
  • Actual Weight: 0.13 Kg  (Approx. 0.33 Kg packed)

Hep<sub>V</sub>O Waste Valve - 32mm
Hep<sub>V</sub>O Waste Valve - 32mm

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