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PressureSystems - About Hep2O

The Hep2O flexible push-fit piping system for hot and cold water is simplicity itself. Cut Hep2O to length, insert a support sleeve, push the pipe home into its Hep2O fitting - and that's all.


Kitemarked to BS7291 parts 1 & 2, class S, Hep2O is equally easy to fit, extend, alter or dismantle. Hep2O joints don't leak, even when rotated under pressure.


Hep2O flexible pipe is fully compatible with copper pipework and compression fittings. But unlike copper, Hep2O cannot cause electrolysis problems in steel hulls. Chemically inert, non-toxic and resistant to growth of algae, Hep2O imparts no taste to the water.


Face the winter with confidence with Hep2O pipework, frost proof to -10ºC (14ºF)... but don't forget to drain the system, all the same!


Choosing the right pipe size

Use Hep2O 15mm pipe and fittings throughout for small marine pressurised water systems.


Hep2O 22mm or 28mm pipe is recommended for main water lines in larger systems. Cleghorn Waring's technical department will advise you on pipe size.


  • Advanced BiTite Fittings
  • Smartpack pipe dispenser straight.... from the coil


  • Low heat loss - water stays hotter longer in pipes
  • Pressure rated to:
    12 bar (175psi) at 20ºC (68ºF)
    3 bar (44psi) at 82ºC (180ºF)
  • Hold in place with single screw Hep2O pipe clips
  • Low noise transmission
  • Ideal for pressurised hot and cold water and marine central heating
  • Easily bent by hand to minimum radius 8 x pipe diameter

Hep2 and Hep2O BiTite are registered trademarks of Hepworth Building Products Ltd