31755-0200 Sensor Max' VSD Constant Pressure Water System Pump

£ 268.38 ex. VAT
Sensor Max' VSD Constant Pressure Water System Pump
Electronically controlled variable flow, 12 or 24 volt d.c.

This product is now obsolete.
The details supplied here are for information only.
You could consider a Parmax water pump and accumulator tank as an alternative.

  • Connections: - for 13mm (½”) bore hose or Hep20 push-fit connectors CW193
  • Dimensions: - 252mm long, 116mm wide, 100mm high
  • Fuse Size: - 15(amp)
  • Output: - up to 17 litres/minute (3.5 gallons/minute) open flow
  • Unique constant pressure - NO Pressure Switch
  • Efficient, high-flow, self-priming pump serving 1 to 5 outlets
  • Multi-diaphragm design self primes to 2.5m vertical lift, can run dry without damage
  • Running pressure: 1.4bar (20psi). Shut-off pressure: 2.1bar (30psi).
  • Runs silently under normal use
  • Amp draw reduces as flow reduces to conserve battery power, ranging from less than 1 amp to a maximum 10 amps.
  • Automatically adjusts to 12V d.c. or 24V d.c. power input.
  • Motor protected by automatic thermal overload cut-out
  • Supplied with snap-in ports for hose or Hep20 connectors
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:17.00 x H:11.00 x W:34.00cm
  • Actual Weight: 3.29 Kg  (Approx. 3.79 Kg packed)


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